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Are People Growing Trigger Happy?

“…Guns always have been a part of American life. The right to bear arms was addressed in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. But the law continues to evolve to this day, said Laurie Levenson, a professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California. “When you arm people on the streets, the opportunities for tragic shootings like the one in the Martin case increase,” Levenson said. “Having a broader law lends itself to situations where people shoot instead of pursuing non-lethal alternatives for self-defense.” The current debate over Stand Your Ground is healthy, Levenson added. “It is good that people are starting to rethink what we have done,” she said. “Given the number of guns on the street, it is important that people not use self-defense laws as an excuse for unjustifiable shootings’…But the expanded self-defense laws worry police and prosecutors, according to the study. Chief among their concerns: Could the laws lead to what the study called “an increasingly armed and trigger-happy citizenry?”"



How about we ask another question that few are asking: ┬áDo we have many trigger happy policemen today? I am no fan of wicked, cowardly people using self-defense as an excuse to murder. However, when you arm policemen on the streets, you get a lot of tragic situations where steroid pumping, energy drink addicted policemen murder innocent people on the streets and fill them full of scores of bullets (often kicking down the doors to people’s homes and then killing them for trying to defend their homes from intruders or people pretending to be police). How many tragic stories do we hear of people being murdered by police? Yet, where is the outcry about policemen carrying guns? It is stated that a few bad examples should not be used to demonize all policemen, and that if policemen are denied the use of guns, worse things would occur. Well, the same thing is true about average citizens carrying guns. People are no more “trigger happy” than policemen (probably less so). And the few bad cases of trigger happy people should not be used to demonize all people. And when people are not allowed to carry guns and defend themselves, worse things will occur.