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More Evidence Against Mass Antibiotic Use in Children

Sinus Infections Not Cured By Antibiotics…

“(CBS) Sinus infection sufferers know the stuffy, congested feeling might not go away without a trip to the doctor’s office. But according to a new study, the antibiotics that doctors often prescribe for sinus infections might be no more effective than a spray or pill on drugstore shelves.┬áThe study raises concerns about drug resistance and whether doctors are too eager to dole out antibiotics for the common infection….”



Parents have already been warned against them for ear aches:

“When antibiotics are given, kids are a bit more likely to get another ear infection sooner. And each time a child takes a course of antibiotics, future infections become harder to treat…we have to treat between seven and 20 children with antibiotics for ear infections before one child benefits from the medicine.”
(Dr. Alan Greene,

“(Reuters) – Pediatricians in the United States write more than 10 million unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions every year for conditions such as the flu and asthma, contributing to potentially dangerous drug resistance, a study said…But almost one-quarter of all antibiotic prescriptions were given to children with respiratory conditions that probably or definitely do not call for antibiotics, such as bronchitis, the flu, asthma and allergies.┬áThat translates to more than 10 million antibiotic prescriptions each year that likely won’t do any good but might do harm, said study leader Adam Hersh of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City…”

It is time to learn that God through nature has given mankind powerful, amazing infection fighting foods, herbs and oils. Take some time to research garlic, cinnamon, olive leaf, the mints (thyme, oregano, hyssop, etc.), honey, clove, etc. These God-given substances do not weaken the body.